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Holy Schnitzel

819 Avenue U

Brooklyn, NY 11223


Staten Island, NY, 2007: A fresh take on kosher dining opens to the city of New Springville, and it goes by the name of Holy Schnitzel. The brainchild of siblings Sivan and Ofeer Benaltaba, Holy Schnitzel redefines the kosher fast-food industry with its inclusive, welcoming environment, allowing food lovers of all cultures and diets to feel right at home. Ofeer Benaltaba says he and his sister were inspired to open the business because “we felt that Staten Island was missing a variety of kosher food…the neighborhood needed something different, not just for those who are keeping kosher.” Today, the Holy Schnitzel franchise consists of four locations: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Cedarhurst, and Lakewood. In each location, the atmosphere is friendly and light-hearted, and customers are treated like family.


Holy Schnitzel’s menu consists of a hearty array of items, from starters – such as sesame or buffalo chicken fingers, falafel, soups and hot dogs – to a wide variety of salads, schnitzel, sandwiches, paninis, burgers, wraps and more. The food is always fresh, and packed with flavor that stands out among other fast-food restaurants. Ingredients such as Israeli pickles (spicier than your average pickle), kosher bacon, and cornflake-covered chicken make for a unique and delicious eating experience. In addition, Holy Schnitzel is known for its selection of more than 25 sauces, including the famous Holy Sauce. From customizable salads and vegetarian options, to double-decker burgers, there is something for everyone on the menu.


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